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Brands create value. They are essential to sponsorship deals and merchandising.

Trademarks ™️

· Can be a word or name, a phrase, a symbol, or a logo
· Are assets
· Create identity
· Distinguish you from others
· Build a reputation
· Are recognizable

What does your club’s brand stand for? Branding defines and communicates your club’s culture and DNA. It builds trust and identity. It is extremely important that the club lives up to what the brand represents. The more successful a team/club, the more valuable its brand. Branding of clubs, teams, and players have the potential to generate revenue.

The use and exploitation of your trademark establish your legal rights in the mark. Federal Registration of your trademark provides:

1. Exclusive rights to use your brand nationwide
2. Legal presumption of ownership
3. Puts the public on notice that you are the owner of the brand
4. Registration in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
5. Use your trademark registration as a basis for foreign registration
6. You have the right to use the ® symbol next to your mark

Should you register your mark? YES! Have a question/consultation? Feel free to contact us!


If you are a high school athlete involved in U.S. Youth Soccer at an academy/competitive level, chances are you want to become a professional player. While many prospective student-athletes take the college route straight from high school graduation, others prefer to bypass college in hopes of going pro straight from high school.
On April 1, 2015, FIFA introduced its new Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and stopped regulating the licensing of football agents. In its place, FIFA’s member associations were tasked with the implementation of a registration system for agents representing players and clubs.
COVID-19 has impacted the football industry globally. FIFA issued “COVID-19 Regulatory Issues” to deal with the pandemic’s impact on the football industry. Notwithstanding FIFA’s recommendations, the guidelines remain subject to the domestic laws of each association. In the U.S., the MLS took measures to deal with the pandemic; it suspended all league play on March 12.

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