Sports Law

As one of the few leading sports law firms specializing in football/soccer in the United States, our attorneys are here for you.


We provide creative dispute resolution services and legal advice to athletes (professionals and amateurs), agents, intermediaries, coaches, leagues, clubs (professional and amateur), and associations in a variety of sports/legal-related issues.


We represent players, agents, intermediaries, coaches and clubs in their most critical and complex sports and legal matters. We have experience drafting and negotiating various types of contracts with regard to sponsorship agreements, transfer agreements, employment contracts, representation agreements, and many more.


We provide competent and zealous representation to athletes, coaches, agents and any other individual or organization facing disciplinary charges, hearings, and appeals in front of sports governing bodies at the national and international level.

Formation Claims

We represent clubs seeking the enforcement of claims related to training compensation and solidarity mechanism payments for the development and training of players.


One-Eighteen is dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and swift resolutions for sports-related disputes, and athlete/club employment related disputes before national and international courts/tribunals such as FIFA, CAS/TAS, AAA, etc.


We provide legal advice and representation in connection with an athlete, club, league, or sports organization’s trademark and registration, name, image, and likeness rights, media rights, rights of publicity, and many more.

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